Lewes Folk Festival 2018


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Alistair Anderson As a touring soloist, with no less than 37 tours of the USA, 5 trips to Australia and countless European tours to his credit, Alistair Anderson is internationally acknowledged as the master of the English Concertina and a fine exponent of the Northumbrian Pipes. He delights audiences with traditional music from Northumberland and beyond, as well as his own music, which has grown out of his love of these traditions.
Alistair Anderson's website

JIM CAUSLEY [10, 12]
Jim Causley Multi award winning singer-songwriter, musician and proud Devonian Jim Causley is an all-round entertainer and during the past decade Causley has been nominated no less than six times for a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award. Jim will also be giving a presentation on his relative, the celebrated Cornish poet Charles Causley.
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Rowan Piggott Rowan is a fiddle-singer, writer and tunesmith who grew up in the foothills of the Burren on the west coast of Ireland, surrounded by traditional music. The author of two successful tunebooks, he has also written articles for several magazines and led fiddle workshops at festivals all over the country.
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Vic and Tina Smith Vic & Tina Smith have enjoyed a wide variety of folk song, dance and music activities throughout their time together. They have been running folk clubs in Lewes since they moved to Sussex in 1968. Their latest venture has met weekly for 23 years now at the Royal Oak in Station Street and they are two of the main movers on the committee that runs Lewes Folk Festival.
Throughout this time they have sung and played together in folk clubs, at festivals, concerts and in sessions. Their current dance band, the very popular Sussex Pistols, has been in existence for more than two decades and Vic is their caller as well as playing in the band. Tina has played in a number of concertina bands.
As well as keeping busy as performers and organisers, they undertake a range of other activities to promote their enthusiasm for a wide range of traditional music as journalists, broadcasters, promoters, record producers amongst other things.

WILL DUKE [5, 23]
Will Duke Will Duke lives in Sussex and has been playing the Anglo concertina and singing English traditional songs since 1971. He played in the Etchingham Steam Big Band, the Albion Dance Band, the Pump & Pluck Band, and the Bob Davenport Band; he is in a duo with Dan Quinn, plays in the Twagger Band and also does solo work and workshops. His last CD, Out of the Box, his first solo recording, was issued in 2008 on the Country Branch label. Will was greatly influenced by the playing style and repertoire of Sussex concertina player Scan Tester (1887-1972), and he plays one of Scan's concertinas. He also sought out traditional singers in Sussex in the 1970s and 1980s, and spent many hours in their company.

CHARLOTTE & SPONG Charlotte Oliver and Richard Spong are singers and musicians mainly fiddle and concertina - who are at home singing and playing 'between decks', in concerts, and in nautical museums. They have been booked several times to play aboard a sailing ship in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard as well as in their dockside tavern 'Fagin's' in Cornwall. They've entertained Tall Ships enthusiasts and played for festivals and dances in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Wales. Their wide musical involvements include barn dance bands and the magic lantern show, Pepper's Ghost.
Charlotte and Spong website

CAROLINE KENDALL Caroline is a fine guitarist & singer from Brighton with a good understanding of traditional songs & good taste in newer ones, including her own compositions.
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Steve and Diane Nevill It was a shared interest in folk music that brought Steve and Diane together many years ago. Steve played melodeon and anglo concertina for a number of local morris sides throughout the 1980's and 1990's before concentrating on singing and playing a variety of instraments in the local clubs. They have been performing together since 2003 and are regulars at both Seaford Folk Club and the Lewes Saturday Folk Club.

Valma Goodyear and Bryan Creer Valma Goodyear and Bryan Creer have been playing concertinas together for getting on for twenty years as a duo and as part of The Spare Parts Concertina Band. They run the Lewes Favourites and Concertinas Anonymous practice sessions in Lewes and have taken the same format out to festivals around the country.
Spare Parts Concertina Band website

Ruth Cooke The down-to-earth immediacy and freshness of Ruth Cooke's traditional oral storytelling has been entertaining people of all ages for over 20 years now. The stories are neither scripted nor read, rather the old tales with their wisdom and humour are given new life with words newly-minted every time.

Sussex Harmony Sussex Harmony was founded in 1992 to research, reconstruct and perform the little known music of the English Church and Independent Chapel from 1700 to 1850, and its derivatives from New England and the Southern States - a tradition that continues with new music to the present day.
They have brought their vibrant music to other choirs by arranging workshops for them. They now have longstanding friendships with choirs such as the Bexhill Methodists and Catsfield parish church. Both have invited them back several times and thoroughly enjoyed performing along side them, often dressing up for the occasion too.
The quire's membership is drawn from people of all ages with a variety of interests and consists of an enthusiastic band of amateur singers and instrumentalists. Weekly practices are held on Thursdays in Lewes and new members are always welcome. Their current membership is around 20 and they have a curtal, oboe, clarinet and recorder, with occasional flute and violin.
They are of all or no religious persuasions. Though they tend to practice and perform in churches and chapels they have also performed in venues ranging from theatres to breweries!

Gallyard Tudor Dancers [17]
Gallyard Tudor Dancers Gallyard Tudor Dancers are a group of friends who made a decision to start up a Tudor dancing group to raise money for local charities. We are also committed to joining in events at some local Tudor houses to add to their local history events, hopefully helping them to raise money to keep these wonderful Tudor houses going and save our heritage.
Gallyard Tudor Dancers's website.

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